Information Security & Compliance

Keeping your computer and your data secure requires a variety of tools and habits. We provide several services to help keep you and the University protected online.

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Spirion (formerly Identity Finder)

Spirion is a software application dedicated to the prevention of data leakage. Spirion automatically locates social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank accounts, passwords, driver’s licenses, dates of birth, and other private data that can be used to commit identity fraud. The product searches within files, emails, browsers and other systems areas where people might not even realize their computer stored their details. Beyond identification, the technology helps securely shred or encrypt information.

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Secure Mail

Secure Mail helps ensure encryption of highly sensitive information sent via email. Access to this service is provided to staff and faculty in departments who regularly deal with highly sensitive information. If you have a business need to send highly sensitive information and have not been enrolled in this service, please send email to to request access.

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